Scellés de sécurité pour l’industrie pétrolière

Anti-corrosion, reliability, endurance, quality materials and manufacturing methods are essential in extremely demanding environments where oil & gas operates. The seals we manufacture are made to meet and exceed the absolute highest of standards needed to be effective offshore. Our clients have been using our seals for more than 20 years, and continue to trust us as manufacturer of the highest quality seals. The many valves and pumps required to be sealed in refineries and offshore are in safe hands when applied with our seals.
Below we have listed the most common used seals within this industry. We will be pleased to assist you in choosing the right solution for your security requirement.

Scellés de sécurité pour l’industrie pétrolière

Mini Cable Lock Premium


Mega Cable Lock 250 et 300


MCLZ 250 Scellé câble


Cable Lock 250 et 300